Our Mission is to provide a caring, nonjudgemental environment that allows our clients to free themselves from the restrictions their space and clutter has on them. We encourage our clients to let go of their clutter and help them reach their greatest potential in their life and work.

Our passion is working with open-minded people who are ready to take their life to the next level. We are ready to help you move things around and change the energy in your space. A small shift can create big positive transformations.

Whether it is decluttering, organizing or design infused with feng shui, we will create a harmonious space that you will love to come back to.

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“Thanks for all your shopping ideas. I think you really understood what we were looking for and have great taste. :) However, I especially want to thank you for your consult. Just those couple hours and the floor plans you made gave us so many ideas and replaced that overwhelmed feeling with a renewed sense that we could take the place in hand. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs organizing and design help!”

— Katie Branson, Alhambra, CA

“I live in a very small apartment with my husband and 2 little ones and I had no idea how to make sense of my place with all of us in it. Christel started in my living area which was a total disaster. We couldn't afford to buy new stuff so she worked with what was in front of her. In a matter of 45 minutes she turned my living/dining area into a living room, dining room and made a whole new area available to be a play room. It was pure genius. After that, I knew I needed her to help me with every room in the house. You guys, there's a storage room next to my kitchen. And that's exactly what it was there for - to store all our junk. Well, she turned it into the most precious nursery and now that's my favorite room in the apartment. She's since helped me organize my bathroom, kitchen, hall closet & pre-schoolers room. Every time she comes over I learn how to take care of my things, keep things organized and these rooms are all so easy to keep up because everything now has a place. Of course Im saving my room for last. I'm working on getting new furniture and I know after working together to purge and organize, Christel is going to get in her zone and make it fabulous like she has done with the rest of the house. I recommend her to everyone. I am planning on hanging in there in this small space for as long as I can and Christel has made that all possible. She truly has made it a Space to Love!”

— Emily S. Los Angeles, CA

“Christel is a master in organizing. She is gifted with the ability to transform any cluttered and disorganized space into a tidy, easy to manage, stress-free environment. When she helped me re-organize my New York City apartment, I gained more physical space and felt re-energized! Her organizing systems are amazing. I can find things quickly!”

— Acantha Lang, Master of Ceremonies/Singer, The Box NYC & The Box London

“Christel Is A Miracle Worker! I run three companies, present seven trainings including creating a few new ones and I'm completing a new book so I have lots and lots going on in my office, both accumulated over years and newly created. In a remarkably short time, Christel got everything organized, doing so in a highly effective and painless fashion. Now I can instantly put my hands on what I want when I want it and I have a convenient place for all of the incoming so it doesn't lie around waiting to find a home. Finally my office reflects the efficient organization of my computer. What impress me most about Christel's work is the sheer intelligence and effectiveness of her process. When you combine that with her terrific and extremely cooperative personality, you have a winner. Most highly recommended. ”

— Stuart Litchman, Hollywood Hills, CA

“Christel had an eye not only for spacial detail and design but also the emotional reluctance we had to part with some furniture that wasn’t serving our home's aesthetic. With insightful questions, she helped us better understand our hesitancy. Her gentle passion for organizing was infectious, and her step by step leadership minimized the feeling that change would be an overwhelming chore.

“Christel’s awareness of the spiritual alignment between us and our home made us feel comfortable enough to trust her to oversee every aspect of moving us from domestic stagnation to a freer, brighter, and happier living space!”

Noel Arthur, Pasadena, CA

"I have used Christel for the last 2 years to completely organize each room in my house we've gone through every nook and cranny and donated, salvaged , redecorated or thrown out every item and each time we do this I feel lighter and more focused in my day to day life. having an organized home has really helped me maintain balance between work and my personal life..now that everything is in its place it opens up alot of time I didnt realize I was missing plowing through my "stuff" each day.. Christel makes the entire job fun and she couldnt be more encouraging , thoughtful as well as a great teacher! thumbs way up on her and her services.. did I mention she takes out all the trash , donates your items for you as well as shops for anything you might need in your new organized space?.. better than a personal assistant!”

Julia B. Studio City, CA

“I couldn't be more satisfied with Space to Love… Christel came in and essentially gutted my entire life and in the bestest of ways! We decluttered/organized/reorganized/redecorated and I gotta say, I felt like a giant piano was lifted off my chest! Life feels simpler, cleaner and easier since Christel made my house a Space to Love!”

Jay Seals - West Hollywood, CA

“My apartment was a typical, cluttered, messy, bachelor pad that needed some serious TLC. We had little closet space and almost no counter space in the kitchen. Christel transformed our apartment into a wonderful, inviting, and very calming space.

“She has a passion for organization and I guarantee you, you will be so thankful you had her help organizing your home or office.”

— Tim Romero, NYC

“As the manager of our DL Rhein 3rd Street location, Christel was a joy to work with and excelled at organizing and enhancing our store. We know you will have a great experience with Space To Love!”

Andy Rhein, Managing Partner: DL Rhein 3rd St., Founder: Amped Boarding

I hire Christel to help me get my life together. She teaches me how to organize my space and keep it organized! I'm so excited we were able to work together!


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