Staging/Moving Packages


Staging/Moving Packages

from 1,300.00

Staging to sell your home while you’re still living there.
The first part is helping you de-clutter your home as soon as you know it is going on the market. Potential buyers do not want to see clutter and then of course there is less to pack and move. After de-cluttering I assess what is left. I will try to use what you have by changing up the floor plan for a better flow and move some pictures around. At that point we may have to move items into storage for a short time and possibly rent furniture if what you have is not working. I can also coordinate maid service, painting and repairs, if need be.

All furniture, storage rentals and subcontractors are additional charges.

Moving is one of the top 3 most stressful things to go through in life. To do it alone is even more stressful. Hiring me to help will make it more about new beginnings then having to get through moving all your stuff.

1. Moving-out
If we start a few weeks ahead of time we can go through and de-clutter all that is not going with you to your new home. As move out day approaches we will pack and label all of the boxes and make an inventory list of everything in them. I can coordinate a moving company and be there the day of the move so you do have to do anything.

2. Moving-in
We will unpack all of your items and put them away where they belong and haul away all boxes and packing supplies. Depending on the hourly package you purchase we can keep going to complete furniture placement, hanging pictures, curtains and blinds, as well as, organizing all closets and kitchen cabinets, pantries and garages. The best part is you don’t even have to be there.

All packing supplies, boxes and organizing/decor products are additional.

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All Staging/Moving Packages include...

  • Decluttering: We go through what stays, gets donated or recycled.                      
  • Before and after pictures of the progress.
  • Manageable homework assignments.
  • Donation drop-offs.
  • Phone and email support for the duration of the package. 
  • No cost for travel under 30 miles round trip.
  • One assistant.