Do you feel you could accomplish so much more, but are always distracted? Is your life at a standstill? Does it feel like a heavy weight is holding you down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to let someone help you.

And that someone is me.

I specialize in walking you through the (often) emotional process of purging objects that are storing negative energy in your closet and in your life, and transforming your house for comfort and productivity.

Everything has a place. Sometimes that place is Goodwill. Let me help organize your belongings and ease you through the transition of evolving your surroundings as you evolve into the person you always wanted to be.

Whether you're starting fresh, expecting a bundle of joy, having to downsize, or just made that big break, I will revolutionize your living space into an ergonomic and contemporary habitat that is tailored to your needs, wants, and concepts of home and/or work.

About Christel…

Christel Ferguson was born and raised on Long Island. After moving to Manhattan, she lived in multiple close-quartered spaces throughout NYC giving her the opportunity to engineer creative storage and organizational solutions. The small, city apartments introduced her to the necessity of letting go of items she didn’t truly need. Multiple moves, including her relocation to Los Angeles, allowed Christel to devise and implement efficient packing/unpacking and moving plans.

In 2013, her sister’s cancer came out of remission. She moved to Savannah to be a caregiver for her sister, Charitie. Upon arrival, her sister gave Christel a great gift. Charitie told her, “Christel, I don’t need a babysitter. Go back to L.A. and live out your dream.” Christel says, “Sometimes you just need permission to do what you love; my sister did it for me, and I hope I can do it for you.”

The permission she was given, combined with the liberating feeling of “letting go” of unnecessary things, and the pride born from creative ingenuity, inspired Christel to channel her energies into the talent and skill she had been honing for years.  She redirected her career and created Space to Love to help people like you lead happier, healthier lives. Change your space… Change your life!


For Christel, all jobs have been leading to Space to Love

As a wedding planner, Christel offered the personal touch in getting to know the couple, and working with them to exemplify their style, to create menu choices, floor plans, color palette and decor that addressed the couple’s needs and allowed their personality to shine through for their special and memorable event.

As Head Sales Associate at an interior design retail store, Christel revelled in merchandising the cache; creating new displays that highlighted various items, which led to increased sales. The effort was “just fun and easy.” Whether she was helping customers find the perfect enhancement for their home or asking clients the ‘right’ questions to yield the perfect gift, Christel loved helping people make their lives easier and more enjoyable through the medium of design.

As a friend and family member, Christel has been the go-to person for closet-overhaul and garage reorganization. Always eager to help a friend, she would immediately ask, “Great, when do you want to get started?” The day came when Christel realized that not only did she find this type of work pleasurable, but it was truly her calling. She asked herself, “Great, when do I get started?”

As an entrepreneur in an exciting service field, Christel can’t wait to ask you, “Great, when do we get started?”

Getting Started


Initial Assessment

The process takes about an hour and a half. We do a walkthrough of your entire space. We talk about the areas that need to be addressed. As we go through, I will be giving you ideas and simple solutions to better organize your space.

During this time, we might move furniture around, add feng shui principals, or go into detail about closet solutions.

Your space has a direct effect on you. We will talk about where you are in your life and how you want to move forward. During this process, we open up the possibilities to enhance your living space by keeping in mind the goals you want to obtain.

Every client I work with is different. I will follow up with a custom client report that includes a project list and suggestions on how to proceed.

I find that my clients have a better outlook on their space from the initial assessment alone.

Services & Expertise


Do I really need to throw anything out?

Everything in your space holds energy. Whether you want to believe it or not, your belongings have a positive or negative affect on you. Your possessions should be useful and/or loved.

When we go through your stuff it comes down to… Do you love it or use it, if not, you can lose it. I make it sound so simple but it can be a very emotional process. I will be there to help guide you through it.

Once we clear out all that doesn’t belong we can start the process of organizing.


How can I benefit from being organized?

Do you lose time looking for things?

Do you find yourself re-buying things you already own?

Do you find it hard to get and stay motivated when your stuff is in the way of your work?

It is a fact that if you are organized you save time, money and are less stressed.

Where do you need help getting organized?

CLOSET – Depending on the size/budget, we can get a few baskets and hanging shelves or redesign the entire closet for your personal needs.

KITCHEN - An easy fix with cabinet and drawer organizers.

HOME OFFICE – I will come up with a filing system, storage and project lists that work for you, so you continue to stay organized.

CRAFT ROOM/AREA – Depending on the crafting that is being done, I will come up with a system that keeps you creative and organized.

GARAGE/ATTIC/BASEMENT – Some of our stuff we just don’t use as often. I come up with storage solutions that make sense for you so you can get what you need when you need it.

STUDIO APARTMENTS – Using ergonomics to come up with a space that you love and you can easily eat, sleep and create in.

MOVING OUT/MOVING IN – Such a stressful time in our lives it is always great to have help. From packing to unpacking, possible yard sale, donations and staging, I can help make it a less painful experience.

COHABITATING – Found the person you want to share your life with but didn’t think about sharing your space? I will come up with storage and design ideas to make it a pleasant union.

COLLEGE STUDENT TO PROFESSIONAL – Let your surroundings reflect who you are becoming. A few simple design solutions can take you from classroom to boardroom.

Feng Shui

Why not let your space work for you?

Everything in your space can help you or hold you back. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing our human existence with our surrounding environment. We do this by using spatial arrangements and helping the flow of qi (energy). With the bagua map we can see what areas of your space effect the certain parts of your life. When you focus on what you want and set up your space with intention, good things start to happen to you.

Interior Decorating

How am I different from other interior decorators?

I find that interior decorating naturally correlates with everything else that I do. Through the process of decluttering and organizing, we work on a design plan that is right for you and your budget. I find most of my clients have pieces they want to keep and/or enhance. I create a space that you love because it is originally coming from a part you. I’m always on the lookout for interesting pieces while keeping my clients in mind.


Have a question
or ready to start?

“Christel’s sense of design is extraordinary and she has a gift for seeing the potential in any space, no matter how big or small. She took the place I lived and turned it into my home.”

– Eric Zuckerman, Los Angeles, CA