You're Only as Good as Your Bag

As a professional organizer you need your tools. That could be a screw driver one minute and then a label maker the next. How does an organizer stay organized when they are going to a clients house to get them organized? It's all about the bag.

I've been waiting for the perfect organizing bag to come into my life. Finally, a year later I made it to the travel section of The Container Store. (I've been to this store a million times!) There I found this Eagle Creek travel bag that had everything I needed. Lot's of room without being too big, a lot of pockets without getting too confusing and thick shoulder straps that don't slide off.   

Also, in the travel section were clear plastic toiletry bags. I had to pick up a few of these. I put labels and scissors in one and tapes with glues in another. Now, when I pull these out, I can see exactly what I have without having to open them. Big time saver.

I have been working all this time, showing up at a clients house, with three bags. One for tools/hardware, another for office supplies and then my personal tote bag that included my notepad, pens, markers and the clients folder. Somehow, with all these bags I always felt like I was forgetting something!

It was too much to think about before heading to a clients house. Now, I just slide in the clients folder and I'm out the door.

I'm all about simplicity and less stress. Now, with the right bag, I achieved just that!