Enhancing My Career with Lights and Mirrors

Lighting and mirrors can turn a room around but can it change the direction of my career?

The career/life path section of your home is usually when you first walk in. If you're curious, use the bagua map to help locate the career area of your home. My career section was looking really sad and it didn't have proper lighting there either. 

As I'm trying to incorporate Feng Shui principals into my home I know there are certain elements you need for each section of the bagua map. For the career section the element is water, the color is black, free form shapes, metal and round objects. Fountains are great.

I couldn't get a fountain so I went in search for a mirror, which is also good for this area.  

I wanted to find one that had some of the elements in it.  I looked for a round mirror with a metal frame that had a free flowing design. The bookshelf was already black so that was working for me. To help brighten up my life path I was also on the look out for a floor lamp.

I love Lamps Plus I found the mirror and the lamp there and they were having a sale, yay!

I also de-cluttered the books and magazines on the bookshelf and gave it a good cleaning. This is so important if you want to change things for the better in any area of your life.

Now, I feel good when I'm in that space. I use the mirror as a last look before heading out the door. The lamp has directional lighting so I can use it when I'm reading on the couch. As for my career, I was setting my intention on what I want for my career as I was cleaning and putting things in place. We'll see...I have faith.

If anything, it did inspire me to write this blog post.