I got hooked up.

I have the worlds smallest closet...ok, ok, maybe not the smallest but it sure felt that way. With every passing day I would go to get dressed and be graciously reminded of the small inadequate space I had. Getting dressed in the morning, or on a lazy day dressed in the afternoon, I dreaded finding something to wear.

I thought what can I do to gain more space? Of course, the first thing was get rid of some something but I have already been through my clothes for fall and spring. Anything I didn't wear last year I already gave away this year. I will do this again at the end of the summer but I need space now.

As I'm looking through I thought, here's a robe I never wear. I've always wanted to be a robe person. I see people in movies all the time enjoying a nice cup of coffee in their robe or just getting out of the shower and putting on the fluffy robe. Don't judge me but I have had this robe since high school! I can safely say now that it is never going to happen, I am never going to be a robe person. So in the bag it went and donated to D.A.R.E. with a few other items.

I encourage you, if anyone is reading this, to get rid of that outfit you always thought you were going to wear but never had the perfect event to wear it to. My "event" was just getting out of the shower. Give it to someone who needs it more than you do.

Ok, I just gained an inch. Now for these scarves that I have hanging on one hanger. I always forget about the ones toward the back of the hanger. I'm a "I need to see it or I'll forget about it" type of person. Then I thought wall and vertical space.

I went out and bought some hooks, 6 to be exacted, for all around $15 and it changed my mornings and sometimes afternoons.

Now my scarves are hanging on the hooks where I can see all of them. Across from them I hung another hook for my wristlets. I have a hook on the back of the door that I hang potential clothing options for the day. I hung a hook up high to hang a bag that contains extra hanger and small travel bags that I don't use often to free up more room.

With the extra space on the bar I hung a shoe organizer. It is now home to my clutches and dress shoes.

I didn't think it could make such a difference but it did. I'm happy I got hooked up.