I'll take a latte with a career change on the side.

I thought it would be just another day at the retail store and in walks Danielle Dowling. As I was helping her pick out a gift, we got to talking and it turns out that she’s a Life Coach. I was having some thoughts about my life and where it was going (no where), so I asked if we could grab a coffee.

As we sat down with our lattes I tell her what is going on with me and say how much I love acting. However, I just keep spending more and more money on acting classes and meeting casting directors and it was getting me nowhere. I tell her, "I just think I’m not very good at auditioning, and I’ve been trying to improve but it’s not working."

Danielle, with her eye opening question says, “Maybe you've tried hard enough to be an actor and you’re done with that?” I was like, "What? I’m just done with it?"

I respond back with, "How can I just be done with acting? I’ve been an actor for as long as I can remember. I went to school for acting. I’ve had all these dead end jobs so that I would be available for auditions. I’ve been a starving artist for this long with nothing to show for it just to say, “I’m done with that?”

Well, now that I say it out loud, I think you might be right…

"You know what Danielle? I’ve actually been thinking about starting a decluttering/organizing business. It's something that I really enjoy and I’m good at it!

Next thing you know she becomes my first client and I organized under her bathroom sink.

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize a better future for yourself. I was so caught up in this idea of myself that I created in my early 20’s, now in my 30’s, it’s just not who I am anymore. I needed someone like Danielle to tell me that.

Check out her website at danielle-dowling.com It will boost your spirit.