Want to attract great things in your life? Get strong magnets!

Oh, the good old vision board. Is it working? What should I have on it? Where should I put it? Should I hide it when guests come over?

I struggled with this. However, I’m a believer now, if you have something up that you see everyday it will get you closer to achieving your goals.

I had a “make shift” vision board about 10 months ago. It was a huge white dry eraser board. I wrote out a 40 before 40 list. It was a vision right there on my bedroom wall for me to see everyday.

I had to come up with 40 things so I wrote down anything I could think of like; in a committed relationship, NYC, not have a roommate, get my business license, California plates etc…small or big it was on there.

Photo by Kyle Hackenberg


I'm now 40 years and 4 days old, writing a blog (who knew) in my nice one bedroom apartment, owning my own business, just getting back from a week long vacation in NYC with my awesome boyfriend saying “Could it have been because of the dry eraser board?”

Either way, mine is now my refrigerator for all to see when they come over. I got these extremely strong magnets at Paper source. I love that store! I even cut out their tag line that they have on their shopping bags Do something creative every day and put that up on my “fridsion board”. I have pictures of an outdoor patio set with cool lights and a cement frog that I want to pics of house's in Malibu and Montauk. Hey, you have to put it out there.

You never know how it will happen so don’t question it so much.

So go ahead, put things up on the fridge with really strong magnets and believe that the things you want are gravitating your way.