Is there such a thing as a "Woman" Cave?

I love wrapping gifts. I always thought I would get a part time job in the mall wrapping gifts during the holiday season, just for fun. It didn't happen but my love for wrapping never faded. One day my neighbor came down stairs in a hurry asking if I could hide her husbands gift for his birthday. I said yes and she brought down this huge unwrapped box with the items for wrapping and of course, I happily volunteered to wrap it for her. 

A new client of mine wanted to get her wrapping room organized. My first thought was, "You have a wrapping room?!"

One thing I love more then wrapping is organizing things when they're really messy. What is it that people are always saying..."Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".

Time just flew by as I "worked" on this room. Putting all like items together. All Thank You cards with Thank You cards and Birthday cards with Birthday cards. Placing the ribbons out on the shelves ready to be made into bows. Finding homes for all To and From tags, gift bags, wrapping paper and hostess gifts.

My client didn't think it could get it done in one day and I was a little skeptical myself but it all fell into place.

And who doesn't love before and after pictures?! These are my favorite so far.  As I stepped back to take the after picture, I thought, "This would be my man cave, well..."woman" cave. Wait, is there such a thing?" I guess I can google it. Either way, I would be happy as a clam hanging out in this room.

One day I will have my own wrapping room/"woman" cave. Just putting it out there:)