4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Medicine

With January starting and this crazy cold, rainy weather we are having in Los Angeles, I thought why not talk about organizing your medicine. I work with busy moms a lot that know as soon as school starts sick kids are soon to follow. However, with this weather we want to be prepared more then ever.

For this mom of four, I needed to come up with a solution that would help her find what she needed within seconds. I organized the medicine by making different categories for ailments as well as age groups.  Now, it is easy for her to find what she needs quickly and when the time comes to see what she is out of. Follow the steps below to use this to organize your medicine, hair products and/or makeup.

Before & After

Before & After

Four easy steps to getting organized.

1. De-clutter - Go through everything and get rid of all items with past expiration dates, any items you don't use anymore and anything that never worked in the first place. (I tried sleep aids once that never helped me sleep, so no sense in keeping them.) 

2. Put like with like - Start by making piles of Flu/Cold, teething, kids vitamins, adults vitamins, rashes/skincare, first aid, pain reliever etc. You will see what categories you need as you go through the items that you're keeping.

3. Count and Measure - Once you have all your items separated count how many categories you have so you will know how many bins or baskets you'll need. Then measure your cabinets width, depth and height. The worst is getting excited about organizing and running to the store to get containers then realizing you bought the wrong size and not enough or too many. I had a lot of different categories with this client so I chose smaller thinner bins from The Container Store that could easily fit five across the cabinet. 

4. Label - I love putting labels on everything. It helps see what you have at a glance and saves you time not to have to go through everything. I used a simple P-Touch label maker. It made it fast and easy. 

I feel that keeping it simple is the way to go. If you would like any suggestions on organizing products or have any questions on organizing please comment below or email me at info@spacetolove.com.