Setting Goals for the New Year

With the New Year, comes the resolutions. We've all made them and we've all broken them, sometimes the very next day.  I believe that a lack of planning and reflection are the most common reasons for "Resolution Rejection;" most often, people don't give enough thought as to what they really want to change, and how to go about doing it.

If you truly want to change something about yourself or lifestyle, it has to be more then just a declaration. Change requires action, and successful action embraces strategy and planning. Set yourself up for goal-setting success with some tips and strategies to help you rock your resolution:

  • Write down your resolutions and put them up where you can see them. You are 75% more likely to follow through with a goal if you write it down.
  • Focus on one change at a time. Some people are like, "I'm going to quite smoking, lose weight and get out of debt!" Wow! That would be great, but statistics show that if you are making too many goals at one time, you will likely not follow through with any of them.
  • Visualize where you want to be when you accomplish your goal for a few minutes everyday. What will your life be like?  How will it be better?  If you can see yourself there, you are more likely to actually get there.
  • Find an accountability partner. It is so important to be able to check-in with someone on your progress; if you find yourself floundering, your partner can encourage you through the rough patches, and you can do the same for them. Teamwork makes the dream work. 
  • Get organized around your goal! Want to lose weight? Clean out the fridge and pantry of all undesirable foods. Growing your business? Clean off your desk, and organize the drawers and files. Want more family time at home? De-clutter the living room and dust off the games and cards.

After the holidays, it's hard to feel motivated to do anything. I know that's how I'm feeling today. So maybe the only goal you make today is to pick the day you want to get started on your resolution.  Why does it have to be January 1st? I'm starting my goal on the 15th, to give me the time I need to make a solid plan (for better nutrition and consistent exercise).

You survived 2016, so give yourself the gift of bettering your life in a way that works for you.  And if part of that bettering needs organization or design assistance, you know where to find me.

Have a Happy and Successful New Year!