Organization and Decluttering Packages*


All Packages include...

- Decluttering: We go through what stays, gets donated or recycled.

- Solutions: Establishing organizational systems that work for you. 

- Sustainability: Implement tools and skills to stay organized.                        

                                            - Before and after pictures of the progress.

                                            - Manageable homework assignments.

                                            - Donation drop-offs.

                                            - Phone and email support for the duration of the package. 

                                            - No cost for travel under 30 miles.

                                            - Scheduled appointments to insure follow-through (weekly or bi-weekly).

10 Hour Package - $800, Plus an Assistant $1200 

20 Hour Package - $1500, Plus an Assistant $2250

30 Hour Package - $2100, Plus an Assistant $3150

DIY Package - $325, Plus an Assistant $455

Hourly Rate $85, Plus an Assistant $125

(minimum 2 hours)

*To take advantage of the Package Pricing, full payment is required in advance.

All packages are to be used within 90 days.

Payments can be made with:


Know that our work is confidential

Supplies and shopping costs are additional


Call or email me for a
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My daughter was selling her house and didn’t know where to start with the staging process. The realtor had given her suggestions but was finding it difficult to implement them. Christel came over and got right to work. She knew exactly what to do, everything the realtor said, and more. My daughter loved the results and is now listing her house with confidence. We don’t know what we would have done without her. If you are selling your home or just looking for a new fun start, call Christel!”

 Janie Spainhour, Savannah, GA

Call or email me for a free 30-minute assessment:

(310) 994-4137